Time’s Up! Six Week Challenge is Complete

Warning that this post is a bit long!

So I finished my last weigh in of my competition. You may remember that at the beginning of this challenge I had to choose to either lose 5% of my body fat or 20 lbs. I chose 20 lbs. I kind of regret that!

I have never weight lifted before in my life beyond high school gym class. Truly it was totally foreign to me so I really had no clue how my body would respond. I think if I hadn’t gone to the gym I would have lost the 20 lbs pretty easily. But that would’ve been lame. The whole point is to get healthy not to like my number on the scale! So I worked by butt off (technically up šŸ˜‚) and I’m so shocked but I have some muscles! There are areas of firmness! Truly I am so excited by the way the gym has transformed my body.

Ok time for the numbers:

Weight lost-15.3 lbs.

Body fat percentage lost-3.5

Inches lost-6! (I took measurements of my right arm, my bust, the largest part of my tummy, my hips, my right thigh. This number is the sum of the total inches lost from those areas.)


Im going to reflect a bit about the entire experience. WSA was awesome!!! One of the owners, Josh, is a friend of mine from high school and his honesty about the program really sold me. I think because I know him I also trusted that he wasn’t being a used car salesman. I am so clueless in this fitness arena and he was super patient with me as I asked allll of the possible questions. Here are some things I loved about WSA

  • The coaches were super knowledgeable. As I said, I’m clueless so they really stuck near me to make sure I had excellent form in everything I did. My hubs was nervous I’d injure myself but I never did!
  • I did 1000 things I’ve never done before. It is so fun to be challenged and to leave drenched in sweat every single time.
  • Nobody is screaming at you. I had this preconceived notion that the coaches would be yelling at me to hurry up. Or worse that I’d be the last at everything and I’d hold everyone up as I did every last push-up. Nobody was standing around watching me be slow! Everything is done in cycles so you’re doing your own thing.
  • They were really great at modifying. I am TERRIFIED of box jumps. I have visions of falling face first onto the wooden box and chipping all my teeth or crushing my cheek bone or something. So coaches let me jump on stacked weights. One day I was having very localized pain in my abdomen so Josh altered the workout so I could still be successful. They don’t want you to die!
  • All of the other gym goers were kind and helpful. No mean girls! Or guys.
  • The schedule was perfect for our family. I went to the 6:30am class as much as I could and it worked really great for me to get it in before our day began.

I just loved it. I’m going to post weekly with updates on how it’s going after the competition.

I am so surprised to say this but I miss two things. It’s not cake or chocolate, pasta or cheese. Egg yolks and decent tasting coffee! I’m adding them back in immediately!

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