Favorites: Christmas Gift Edition

It’s been too long! I’ve got a list of some current favorite things. I hope you enjoy them!

  1. Delonghi Magnifica. Dan got me this beauty for Christmas last year and we just feel like we are living our best lives. We got ours refurbished on eBay to knock a few hundo off the steep price tag. Lattes every stinking day.
  2. I’m a tank top wearer. I usually wear them under everything and I’m tall  (5.10) so I like them longggg. These are my current faves. I had a few from free people at a whopping $28 a pop and it just seemed excessive. I have another one that is also long but more textured, like a chunky rib that I also like but I cant find it on the site.
  3. I got a coupon in the mail last spring for a free full sized Moisture Surge Overnight Mask with ANY purchase from Clinique. Uh, yes! My skin is so dry in the winter and this has been a game changer this year. Love, love, love it. Clinique does surprisingly well with EWG ratings, btw. Who knew?!
  4. This is gross. We got this tushy when the pandemic hit. We don’t need to worry about toilet paper shortages and it may be the best purchase we made in 2020. I don’t especially want to talk about this with you but just trust me that it works. 
  5. I keep reading over and over how one of the best things we can do is be outside. Helps with immunity, Vitamin D (which can be a huge factor of how severe covid is in your body), mental health, etc. So everyone is getting some Merino Wool shirts (benefits are endless look it up!) and socks in their stockings. We will be outside all winter!  Mountain Warehouse is having some awesome sales.
  6. There are lots of expensive facial cleansing brushes but I have no desire to spend a ton of money. I will say my face is smoother and feels cleaner from using this so I think its worth the $20. It also dropped from six feet in he air onto a tile floor and it still works. 
  7. The Terra Core. I have a love/hate relationship with this. It enhances all exercises, no matter what I do on it my core hurts the next day which is a win. Truly. But it’s big so it takes up room in my house. I got it on prime day for $180 total including shipping so maybe try for Black Friday.

I think thats it for now! Happy Shopping.