The Story

Well, here we are. I’m a thirty something stay-at-home mom. My husband’s name is Dan and we live in Baltimore with our two kids, Lillian and Judah.

A few years ago, we embarked on the scariest financial endeavor that we have decided to take on in our marriage. We turned our 1,000 square-foot townhome that Dan completely renovated, into a rental property. We bough an 1800 square-foot townhome about a mile down the street.  We started this while our children were two years old and 12 weeks old. You may think this is crazy. You may be right.

Now a few years later, we see it all as an incredible provision. My sister sustained a non-traumatic brain injury in 2016 and we’ve been helping to raise her sweet kids ever since. Join me as we walk through the highs and lows of having a rental property as well as the highs and lows of trusting God through a life-altering diagnosis for one of my tribe.

7 thoughts on “The Story”

  1. I feel so touched by your words which I stumbled upon and I am praying for Katie. I have read all your testimonies and what miracle she is. I know that you mentioned she became ill and subsequently experienced a brain injury. Were the doctors ever able to pinpoint what caused her illness/coma/tbi? My father also experienced infection in his brain after surgery to remove a tumor. He was fading away but thankfully with antibiotics he has made a recovery. So I feel like I’ve done so much research on the subject as well. As I pray for her I was just hoping for some clarity on what may have caused her injury, so that I can ask God to repair that specifically. But at the same time I completely understand if you do not want to share in more detail.Thank you so much for sharing yours and her story.❤️


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