The Story

Well, here we are. I’m a twenty eight-year-old stay at home mom. For the purpose of this blog my husband’s name is Dee and we live in Baltimore with our two kids who I will call Elle and Jay.

We are about to embark on the scariest financial endeavor that we have decided to take on in our five short years of marriage. We are turning our 1,000 square-foot townhome that my husband has completely renovated, into a rental property. We are purchasing  an 1800 square-foot townhome about a mile down the street.  We are doing this while our children are two years old and 12 weeks old. You may think this is crazy. You may be right.

“Why are you doing this” you may ask. With Dee being so handy, we see this as a great opportunity for some extra income once our house is paid off, maybe this will help us send our kids to college, maybe it will fund our  eventual trip through Europe, maybe it will just be extra income while we are retired. Maybe it will be none of those things and we sell it in a year.

Join us on the journey as we prepare our home for renters, renovate our new home, and raise these two adorable kids.


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