Master Bedroom

So, more of the same. I chose to paint my master bedroom the day before we had 35 family members over to celebrate my kids birthdays. Because really, nothing like a little pressure.

As you can see, the same paint as the rest of our house was in our bedroom. Check out the before pics!

┬áDon’t you love the small rug in our big room?! Our last house had a tiny bedroom and the rug was perfect. Now that we moved it looks absurd.

Anyway, we decided on a navy paint that a friend suggested from Benjamin Moore called Newburyport Blue. I’ve always been desperate for a navy room with coral and white accents. It all started with my first visit to Nantucket and I was overjoyed D agreed with the colors for our room. I chose these curtains from Walmart and really love them. All of our white furniture is from IKEA but I totally lucked out with the free writer’s desk off of a local swap Facebook page. I’m going to get a few more decorative pieces but so far I think it’s looking so great! What do you think?

This final picture is definitely the most accurate for the navy color!

Next up! Living room