You Need this Weeknight Dinner

Okay so if you’re greek, this quick meal could actually offend you. Maybe move on along. I made this meal up with Trader Joes foods a few weeks ago. We’ve been having it every week and we will likely have it every week for the next six months until we’re sick of it. Then we’ll forget about it for 3 years. It’s feast or famine! What can I say…


Grocery List AT TRADER JOES:

1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast tenderloins

1 container of the Tzatziki creamy garlic cucumber dip

1 package of frozen Garlic Naan

1 container Goddess Dressing

1 bag of the Champs Elysees salad (the only salad I buy).


I marinate the chicken in the Goddess Dressing for a couple of hours. Maybe 4-ish.8RQCYSveOttI4qqsF8A

While I’m grilling the chicken, I throw the Garlic Naan in the oven for a couple minutes.


When they’re both finished, I pour the rest of the salad dressing on a bag of salad. Sometimes I sprinkle some parmasean cheese on it if I’m feeling fancy.


Heres the magic part. I put several tablespoons of the tatziki on the naan. Then I cut up some chicken and put it on there. Then I top it all with salad.


Guys. IT IS SO GOOD. I fold it up and eat it like a taco. Dan rolls his eyes at me while I applaud myself for such a delicious meal. Now hurry and go to Trader Joes so you can be a super chef as well.

Enjoy! Start to finish cooking is 15 minutes!

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