For Katie the Warrior

Lent for Kate Week 3

If you need to catch up, here is last weeks Lenten prayer requests.

Kate had a good week this week. There was a family and staff meeting last Friday and they seem to be super encouraged by her progress and set their sights on way more!

Here are some prayer requests for this week!

  1. Speaking valve continues to go well! Kate is up to 8 hours on it a day and is doing wonderfully! Her speech therapist is starting to give her ice chips this week to see what her mouth does in response. Please pray that it does what it should! We want Kate to be able to eat again one day!
  2. Kate is getting a massage this week to try to help her relieve some tension especially on the right side of her neck. Please pray that this helps! She is in a good bit of pain when she’s on her right side and we desperately want her to have full range of motion.
  3. Kate has to be transported to a few doctors appointments in the coming month. Please pray for safety for her while she travels and peace for her spirit.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers! We fully believe that they are healing Katie.

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