For Katie the Warrior

Lent for Kate: Week 2

I’m back! Ready for week two. If you didn’t read week one, here it is! Thank you SO much for focusing some prayer time for Katie and her family this year. It means a ton. Here are some specific things you can pray for:

  1. We keep getting sick. All of us just pass around stomach viruses and colds etc. and when we do we can’t visit Kate. We are SO thankful (PRAISE GOD!) that Katie has not gotten sick once in the last nine months. Not a cold, not a bug, nothing. But it’s still hard. We don’t want kate to be lonely and we miss her when we can’t visit! So please pray for overall wellness, especially for my mom who is on week three of barely getting to see Kate.
  2. Katie has started giving a thumbs up! This has meant a great deal to us as she answers questions, agrees in conversations and just continues to show how “with us” she really is! We ask God for more! More communication, more connection, more of katie being able to participate in her relationships. MORE, GOD!
  3. The staff at her facility has mostly been great! Please join us in praying that her nurses and therapists are vigilant, caring, kind, affirming, and work their tails off for Katie. It is hard that we can’t be there 24/7 and we beg that God would send the perfect staff that will aid in her full restoration and recovery.
  4. For God to totally surround Kate as she heals. This is hard stuff. She misses her family and her life! We pray that Jesus is so near to her, that angels surround her and that they give Kate hope for her future through visions and words. Kate needs hope in order to heal!
  5. Again, for Katie’s total and complete restoration. Ever cell of her body complete and healthy, lacking nothing.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

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