For Katie the Warrior

Katie Lynn-Lent part 4

I’ve missed a week or so of prayer requests but I am ready to catch up. If you’d like to read lent part 3, click here!

1-Kate has had some great trach progress! She has moved onto a cap vs her normal speaking valve. When she’s capped it means she is breathing just like you or I! In recent months she has totally panicked when the cap was placed on her but miraculously she is thriving! She’s up to two hours already! Please pray for MORE!

2-Her precious babies. They are just 2 and 5 and they miss their Mommy desperately. Like all of us they are hurting and confused, impatient and hopeful. They need peace! Please pray for the Lord to be near to them while they’re apart. They are so precious and the hardest thing in the world is watching them ache knowing there isn’t much I can do to help.

3-Kate has a procedure next Wednesday the 12th. Please pray for it to be successful and pain and stress free. We are always quick to tell any new clinicians around kate that she hears and understands them but we still worry about what she may overhear.

4-As always we pray most for Katie to be restored and in the meantime to have hope and a clear vision of her future. For complete protection from here on out and for divine intervention daily.

Thank you so much for your prayers!!

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