For Katie the Warrior

Lent for Kate

Some of our dear friends have been absolute prayer warriors for Kate over the last 9 months and they’ve decided to take a day a week to pray and fast for her healing over the next 40 days. Would you consider joining us?

I’m going to put out some prayer ideas weekly. Please feel free to fast something  besides food if your life or a medical condition prohibits it.

Week one:

  1. Full and complete healing of the channels between her brain and her body. Kate’s mind and memory seem to be in tact but when her brain tells her body to do something, in many cases it doesn’t.
  2. Freedom from pain. Specifically in her neck and shoulder region. Kate is favoring her left side and we are working on getting that healed.
  3. Progress with her trach removal. We want it gone! Please pray that in the coming months Katie would CONTINUE to move forward. She’s made leaps and bounds in this area! She is currently at six hours of a speaking valve per day!
  4. Thanksgiving. The Lord has been faithful. Breakthroughs when we lose hope, comforting words when we need them most, and the most astounding is continued progress further than her initial doctors thought possible.
  5. Katie’s immediate family. Her husband, her babies, her parents and siblings. The last nine months have brought great sorrow above what we even thought possible. Katie is DEEPLY missed every minute of the day and we each take turns totally losing it. Please continue to pray for our hope in the Lord as we support Katie and each other.

Thank you so much! I’ll post again next week with more ideas!

2 thoughts on “Lent for Kate”

  1. Continued love and prayers for Katie’s healing and support for the entire family!
    In Christs Name Amen!


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