None of the Above

I (kind of) Quit Facebook

The humor of it all is not lost on me. You are probably reading this blog because you found it on Facebook. I still have an active account, I just don’t have the password. I check my notifications a few times a week. No browsing. No stalking. Then I started getting these emails that are quite comical!

The craziest thing happened, though. I started doing some of the things I didn’t think I had time for. (Jay also started taking naps in his crib around the same time so I’m not sure I can blame it all on Facebook but it certainly gets a good share). Here are some things I’ve noticed since stepping away.

  • I have read two books in a week. I do have time to read.
  • My house is cleaner. Like way cleaner.
  • I have been more intentional with being relentless (my word this year). Some of this is because it feels like some precious worlds are crumbling around me so I have been flat on my face begging God for BIG miracles. Either way, my mind is quieted so I’m more willing to fully think/pray through chaos. More on the quiet mind later.
  • I have been following up with people when I think of them. I used to think about someone, then look them up on FB to see what was new. Let me just say that it is nauseating to admit that. I value relationships-but I’m getting back to  actually following up with people who are not in my inner circle.
  • This one is plain and simply the ugliest. I’m having more fun with my kids. No other way to put it-I’m more patient and enjoy their company more.  
  • My brain is less cluttered. I’m not sure how I can actually explain this but the information overload was hurting my brain. It feels clear and crisp. It’s bizarre.
  • This last one is hysterical to me. I’m fully one thousand percent more annoyed with people who are on their phones while in my presence. I’m a stay at home mom so conversations with adults are so important for my sanity. (Duh- to escape the diapers and explaining why ballerinas have sweaters because it’s January  and a sleeveless leotard is not appropriate to wear in the snow). Anyway, I’m working on not being SO annoyed. But I’m still annoyed. And embarrassed for the millions of time I’ve surely been the biggest offender.

I think that’s it. It has been quite timely, this stepping back from FB. Gods funny like that. Would you join me in praying for a few friends? Some of our people are walking through the depths of hell and I’m praying that they will come out on the other side, not a hair singed, no smell of smoke on their clothes. Their stories aren’t mine to share but could you join Dee (and Elle) and I as we bring some of our people to the Ultimate Healer? We’d love you for it. I’m just on pins and needles to share a miraculous story in a few months and I’m believing God will do it. Join us.

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