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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…(Round Two)

So I had a Christmas gift idea/favorite things post and people loved it. So now with some changing seasons and my own personal excitement for spring, I thought I’d do another!

These are in no specific order

  • We had the stomach bug in our home while we were snowed in and Thieves Cleaner was my saving grace! It comes in a concentrated form and lasts forever. Not to mention I feel better about Jay doing the inch worm on thieves vs. a harsh chemical.
  • Dining room chairs. I’ve been seeing this style of chairs EVERYWHERE. I really like the rustic/farmhouse style so when Elle peed on one of our upholstered chairs during that same blizzard I decided enough was enough. I got a set for $90, plus a $5 off coupon, and used my red card for 5% off and free shipping. Do the math (I can’t) they were an awesome deal. We hope to have a farmhouse table once our children can act like civilized humans.  
  • Next. This ones weird. I started using Piper Wei deodorant. It’s a putty like deodorant that you put on your pits and it doesn’t cause breast cancer. Full disclosure today is day one. When you put it on it smells very earthy. I’m a sweater. I schlep two kids around with me and there is lots of picking up and wrangling and sometimes by the end of the day I’m not fresh. (Code for D saying “ew you stink”). So far so good. I still smell earthy but not bad earthy. Truly, if I’m going to be real, bring on the B.O., no more chemicals on this mama I’ve got babies to raise and a man to love. (Update: I’m several days in and LOVING IT!)
  • Ok time for my soap box. I’m pretty liberal in most of my thinking but when it comes to modesty just call me Grandma Thor. I say cover it up! I don’t want Joe Schmo seeing about six square inches more of me than my dear hubs. I also don’t love when my people are essentially running around naked in front of my man! (A friend of mine texted me this summer when she was at the beach with her husband and two kids. They were minding their own business when a group of ladies stretched out on blankets in front of them wearing thongs. COME ON!) Anyway, I’m full-on obsessed with this bathing suit line. Adorable. Modest. Figure-flattering. What more could you want!? Rey Swimwear
  • These curtain/shade things from IKEA. My sister found them a few months ago and put them in her sunroom, then my mom got one for her kitchen. Now we’ve ordered them for our living room/dining room. At $17.99 a pop they are A STEAL! What do you think? Here’s the before:     And after! (Excuse the mess 😁)       I really like that you can put the shades to all different levels.  D likes windows all the way covered and I like bright light so we can try to compromise with this!
  • Im trying to lose weight (cue sob story of a baby who weighed 10.2 at birth just eight months ago!) I love Starbucks with gobs of cream and sugar. Grande decaf coffee in a venti cup extra coconut milk. Done. No sweetener. So yummy and creamy. Try it.
  • I could’ve read Wonder by R.J. Palacio in One sitting. You know, if I didn’t have kids. Either way it was such a delightful, sob-worthy, enlightning story. I told my husband that I want my kids to read this the minute their little brains can understand it. Such a great book for teaching kids and adults alike to be kind to people who are different.
  • A friend of mine has been using Hungry Harvest and couldn’t stop talking about it. I just ordered my first weekly delivery. We’re super excited about getting fresh fruit and veggies delivered and even more excited that someone hungry will get free food because of our purchhase. Check this out!  Put my name in the referral box and we’ll both get half off of our food for the week. 
  • I’m experimenting with going gluten free to hopefully control some migraine issues I’m dealing with. My parents had us over for dinner and my mom made me these brownies by Krusteaz. I couldn’t tell the difference! So yummy. (Very unlike an unfortunate attempt at carob brownies. So bad).
  • This isn’t really a thing but an experiment. I pretty much gave up Facebook and about a month in I’m so pleased that I did. I’ve gained a thousand hours of time and lost absolutely nothing of value.

That’s a wrap! I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do! are you loving something right now?? please share!

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