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The Night Before Settlement and All through the House…

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So tomorrow we settle. It’s been a weepy week. I’ve noticed some pride (who me??) issues creeping in this week. Thoughts like ‘I don’t want to move from a beautiful house to a less beautiful house’ have been following me around. An extra wipe down of the pretty granite, looking at Jays cute room, patting myself on the back for a bathroom with pretty finishes. It’s ugly in my heart sometimes.

Its just a little hard to leave. I brought my babies home to this house, Dee and I had some of our best fights over the renovations of his house, we learned how to be married, how to be parents, how to be a team (on our best days) all in this tiny home. We’ve laughed and cried and loved well here and this house is full of sweet memories. I can only pray that it will be a wonderful place for our tenants. That they will encounter love in incredible ways and that while they’re enjoying it, they’ll know that our blood, sweat, and tears went into this house and it was all worth a lot to us.

Enough tears. As a friend told me last weekend, we’re moving into our new home and this house is now a business. I like blunt, I do well with blunt. So onward and upward (in square footage, not necessarily style hehe…there’s that pride again!) so I’m excited to settle and move all our stuff. We’ve got a house to rent out!

This week I fielded 3.4 million calls and emails, several showings, and we’re down to a few potential tenants. Dee prepared our house for our lead inspection that also happens tomorrow. He had to sand down any chipped paint and paint over it. It was quite a job. Several windows, two doors, and the corner of our living room ceiling. The good thing is that everything looks crisp. I hope we pass tomorrow!

Dee also started the wiring for the smoke detectors, win! He’s on a roll. It’s Labor Day weekend so the extra day off work couldn’t have come at a better time.

Today was our final walk through of the renovation house. The seller did a great job making the sun room look lovely after removing two huge skylights. It really looks flawless! It’s so fun to see Elle running and enjoying so much more space. This is why we’re moving!

On the docket for this week:

Dee- finish wiring the smoke detectors, paint the railing, odds and ends

Me-schedule the rental inspection, finalize our lease, finish packing.

Luckily we have great friends willing to help so we are renting a Uhaul and moving in five short days!

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