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8 Days Until Closing

I have had the most bizarre week. We officially listed the rental last week and I could not have been prepared for the response we’ve gotten. First just let me say, we started by simply putting a rent sign in the front yard with my phone number on it. I frequently have my wood door open with our storm door locked so Elle can see outside and the great people of Baltimore took this as a personal invitation to knock on my door and ask for a tour.


My immediate thoughts:

‘I have two children, you may not come into my home on a random Thursday at 11am. Why are you not working? How will you afford rent?’

It was bizarre. I’m someone who goes through life counting things (OCD, I know) and seven people have done this in three days. Totally ignored the sign with the phone number and decided they’d just knock instead.

I’ve also realized that all of the people that I’d want to rent to at first glance (you know, have jobs, called instead of barged in, are polite, basically are breathing and seem to be functioning members of society) well they all have pets.

We do not want pets. All of the fur and the smells AND THE PEE is just a bit too much for our baby of a home. I am not a pet person (gasp) in life so I’m definitely not a pet person when it comes to renting out our home.

Today we officially listed the house on the interwebs. Here’s to hoping we find a petless, smokeless, socially aware human.

 In other news, Dee put up the railing in the rental and started the wiring for the smoke detectors. We have an appointment set for the lead test and packing is “going”. It’s really not going. I try my hardest to practice minimalism so we use almost everything we have, I see myself packing the day before we move. With that being said we have about twenty boxes packed and sitting in the basement. They’ve been sitting down there for a few weeks and I’ve missed exactly two things:ziplock bags and razors(oops). I’m begging Dee to not move those boxes and have a yard sale in the basement once we move but I’m not holding my breath.

As far as the new house goes, our appraisal came in right around the price we are buying the house for. In my opinion the appraisal system is flawed-they should not be able to see what we’re paying! Don’t get me started on the who home buying process, that’s a rant for another day.

Ok. I think that’s it. We have three showings tonight. Wish us luck!

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