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They Still Need Baths?!

Feeling behind? Check this out.

So the surroundings are a bit different! We settled, we packed, I cried, we packed, then about 15 friends came over to move us!

First of all, settlement was a breeze. The whole process was actually a breeze because apparently in the last five years everything real estate related has moved to the interwebs and its glorious. The Dailey Group handled the purchase and it was really very painless! Our home buying process was probably a little bit different because we weren’t looking. The house showed up in my email, we called The Dailey Grouo, they showed it to us and then we put an offer in. This was not months of browsing, thankfully!

Anywho, like I said…15 saints showed up at our door early Saturday morning and they moved us in the rain. We were blown away. My sister parked herself in my kitchen and unpacked everything because everyone needs an organizer in their life. Especially with two littles–I cannot imagine searching through boxes for bottles and formula and THE Elmo spoon.

The last several days, Dee has been sleeping pretty much zero hours to get the rental ready. He’ll be finishing up the stinking smoke detectors tonight for our rental inspection tomorrow. A very persuasive friend of mine worked her magic on Dee so we are paying someone to clean the rental top to bottom on Wednesday. (Thank goodness! It ain’t pretty after 15 people trudge through a house in the rain).

We are signing the lease in the next 24 hours for the rental. A miracle of a tenant showed up in my email and we can’t wait for him to love our house! God has been so faithful during this whole process, it’s unreal.

So hopefully on Friday we will all take a deep sigh of relief, have a glass of wine, and sleep til noon (a girl can dream!).

in case you’re wondering–babies still need baths. The mundane doesn’t change in the midst of packing, moving, renting, unpacking. It seems like ‘good grief you have to eat again? You ate four hours ago!’ But they do. They all want to eat and be clean and they want me to stop unpacking to play. So there’s that. In a couple months every box will be away and small renovations will have begun but my babies will be older so I’m really glad they ask me to stop and play. And feed and bathe…

Come on Friday!

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