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Oh dear, a week went by!

Is this your first time stopping by? Check here for the scoop.

So apparently a week has gone by. We have done nothing. That’s not true…I’ve been packing a few boxes a day and Dee made an appointment to have our home photographed next week. We also threw a few posts on Facebook about a rental coming soon.

So TOMORROW I’m calling to make a lead inspection appointment. I’m taking the babes to a birthday party and a ballet performance at the mall this weekend (good luck, Miss Anna as you try to get Elle on stage in front of an audience). Dee will be touching up the deck, installing the railing between our first and second floors and hopefully grouting the kitchen floor. Hey–a girl can dream!

We’re also finalizing our lease. Leases are hard.

Lastly, the seller has agreed to fix every single thing we asked him to. He’s a dream!

He is:

-replacing the roof on the addition

-putting a clean out in the basement

-re crowning (and other weird words) with the chimney and fireplace.

-taking out the sky lights

-confirmed that the addition is on footers instead of on a concrete slab. Apparently it’s important that it is sitting on something below the frost line so it doesn’t settle away from the house.

-something else I can’t remember

Wish us luck!

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