Let there be Anger

I started a weight loss bet two weeks ago, catch up here!

Full disclosure, this is how I felt Friday morning as I got up at 5:45 for my fourth workout of the week.

Food-I’ve been doing great with food! Literally have not cheated once. Day ten was HARD. I had my workout in the morning and ate normally but I was just angry. At everything and everyone. So that was a shame but I got over it.
**I do not like the Costco brand of fat free Greek yogurt. It tastes like sour cream. I’ll be going back to good ole Trader Joe’s.

Exercise- I feel like I’m getting in my groove! My body is hurting less and less and it’s hurting in different areas which is exciting. I definitely feel myself getting stronger! I feel like such a bada** weight lifting!

Im having trouble noticing any differences when I look in the mirror but Dan keeps pointing stuff out that’s shrinking. So that’s a bonus! We also go on vacation next week and I’m feeling pretty nervous about falling off the wagon. I’m trying to hook up with another gym there so I don’t have to workout at home.

Bad news is I didn’t lose pretty much any weight this week. Womp, womp. Im told it could be from my body getting used to the diet change/drinking more water/gaining muscle, etc. I’ve lost several inches but the scale is killing me! Im trying to not care. Next week it’ll get better! I wasn’t supposed to weigh myself today (don’t yell at me, Josh!) but I did it anyway for the purpose of the blog and was happy to see a tiny dip!

Total Recap:
Pounds lost-7.4

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