For Katie the Warrior

Happy 33rd Birthday, Kate!

Oh, this day. I swear I’ve lost five pounds of water weight weeping over this day. 

My feisty  sister, you are so very precious to me. You are the president of my fan club, my decorator, my living and breathing mommy blog, my canfidant, my dear friend. You know where everything is, your are in every childhood memory, the way you value and collect beauty is contagious. You are every prayer on my lips and in my heart, you are every single tear that has left my eyes the past six months. You are somehow missed so incredibly yet always near. You are the first person I want to share anything with and one of the opinions I constantly seek.

May this year be the turning point. May it be the biggest story YOU will ever tell. Kate, may you know how deeply you are loved, adored, and missed each day. May you know the Lord’s voice and praise Him even while you walk through this hell. We walk with you with our prayers and our encouragement and our presence but the journey and battle are yours.

We will never give up hope and battle for your total restoration to our family. We go nowhere without you!

My dear friend Katherine Wolf wanted to chime in from the west coast. Check out her birthday wish to Kate! If you haven’t, please check out her website! Read her book! Support her ministry! Her encouragement has been invaluable to me over the past six months. ​

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