Tiny Updates

First up: I’m all about clean countertops. I want everything hidden. Coffee pot, toaster, etc. they must live in cabinets. At my old house we had this neat mail sorter we used for veggies just above the island.

I had our veggies in bowls for the last year and it was making me nuts! So here it is-my homegoods find:

We fell in love with the house when we saw the sunroom so I like how the wood in the holder brings in the wood ceiling.

Next up: oh the clock. When we moved we lost all our yellow so these shutters I covered no longer worked. 

They were truly a labor of love and I have really enjoyed them the last five years!

I found this awesome clock at a Pier1 sale. My mom got it for me as an early Christmas present.

What do you think? Christmas is slowly making its way into our home. We could use some Christmas cheer early this year.

I’ve been working on (read sobbing through) a thanksgiving post for this year. Stay tuned!

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