For Katie the Warrior

Walking on Fire with You as my Cane

My sister is in a coma. It took me a long time to understand that, literally almost a week. But she is. She’s in a coma. And we’re waiting. We stare at her. We pray over her. We cry over her and we beg. Then we wait more.

As we wait you have been so kind. Neighbors,  friends, family…you’ve been so generous with your love and support. You’ve been so generous with your hard-earned money and it blows us away.

With every meal you make, grocery you drop off, flower you bring, hour you spend with my sister’s precious babies, we just thank you. We take that as God himself showing up to us in our darkest hours and covering our needs.

Every minute you have spent before the throne of God, petitioning on our behalf, on Katie’s behalf we thank you. Every hour spent at that neuro-ICU as you hold her hand and play her songs and talk to her, it overwhelms us. It is somehow too much to even comprehend and yet with all of that we yearn for more. We yearn for Katie. We want her awake so desperately.

Thank you for standing with us. For praying with us. For sitting with Katie. We could never re-pay you.

My prayer for my sweet sister just keeps coming over me in waves. That like in Daniel, she comes out of this fire with no hair singed, with no smell of smoke on her.

Lord, we expect nothing short of a miracle. We beg you for it.

(Photo Cred Arpasi photography)

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