To Do:Renovation

This is where the great big renovation list will go. Once upon a time, two years (two kids) and about a billion brain cells ago I used to be in charge of the content on my work website. If I can figure it out, I’ll link all the blog posts about renovation back to this to track progress.

-get all the inspections (have a breakdown)

-settle on the house

-move in! Make an unpacking plan. Or just jump in.

-paint the addition (Elle calls this the “sunny room”)

-make a bandaid plan for the kitchen. Tile goes to die in this kitchen. It’s awful (I’m so grateful for a working kitchen that is liveable which is a huge step up from when we moved into the now rental property). It’s finished!

-make a bandaid bathroom plan for upstairs bathroom

-paint the master bedroom!

-paint and make the living room pretty

dining room!

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