The Dining Room: Painted!

Oh it’s been a crazy winter. Never ending, crazy but I’m starting to see the sun. Both of my babies were born in the spring so this intense expectation is not lost on me.

I’ve inherited an annoying trait from my mom. Growing up we’d host some kind of event/holiday/party and something major would have to be done with minutes to spare. Painting, new furniture, some kind of landscaping. I always do this but I really thought up a doozie at Christmas with a kitchen renovation. My poor husband. Now we are planning on having a joint birthday party for my kids and the house must be painted. So the last few weeks I’ve been driving a few dear people crazy with my incessant questions about colors and decorating. I took the plunge last week and got the dining room paint, it’s Benjamin Moore’s Louisburg Green! I cut in one evening and rolled the next. Here we have it:

First pictures from the listing because I somehow forgot to take a “before”.

There is truly nothing wrong with this paint color except that it’s in every room of the house. Oh, and they painted around furniture so we are out of luck using our furniture!

Next up: the pictures with the new paint! Please excuse the fact that we live here…with littles.

     This first picture is pretty dark-the second is a more true representation of the green.
 I really would like to get some light-colored decorations to brighten it up but first things first, I’ve got a living room to paint. We also are planning on D making a farmhouse table but we need civilized children for that. Give it a year or five! Probably in time for another party, haha!

Next up:the living room!

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