We’ve been doing a few cute little things to the house lately I’m going to share. First up:silhouettes!

A few years ago my family went on a big trip to Cape Cod. Lillian and Ephram were 1&2, Kate was 8 months prego with Vera and Judah was just a dream. Dan and I decided to drive from 9pm-5am (I wouldn’t recommend it!). Our bodies and our marriage barely made it there but my dear family took Lillian with them for breakfast while Dan and I took a nap. They were walking around the town and happened to walk by a toy store with a guest doing silhouettes. They came back with one of Lillian and I immediately got teary! He captured Lillian so sweetly and it was an instant treasure!

Fastforward a few years to sweet Judah and Vera joining our family and we have been on the lookout for a silhouette artist to complete our collection. I was scrolling facebook one day and saw an ad for a Guest artist at the local mall. So we went! It was equally precious and a joy for my mom to get to take the picture in for Kate to see. Funny enough the two artists are brothers! Erik and Karl Johnson. They both travel a good bit for their work so check out their sites for their schedules, I highly recommend both as they captured our kids perfectly.

The two silhouettes are now hanging proudly in my foyer and I love them! Since Lillian was about 15 months when she got hers I wanted Judah to be a similar age-18 months is close enough!

A few other fun decor changes coming soon to the blog! In addition, the old tenant is out and a new one moved in just a few days ago to our rental property. I’ll share a few tips we’ve learned our first year as landlords once we’re completely finished with the process.

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