For Katie the Warrior

The Thrill of Hope

‘Twas two nights before Christmas and yours truly had a meltdown. I’ve had a sore throat this week so I’ve stayed away from my sister and it’s been hard! I like to go see her at least twice a week. I tell her what’s going on with her kids, bring her up to speed with random news in general, then I pray over her which usually leads to me crying over her and then apologizing for crying over her. I hold her hand, affirm all of the things I’ve heard or seen her relearn, I remind her of how far she’s come since this all began and encourage her to fight like hell.

It’s hard to do holiday things without her. One of her favorite days of the year is Black Friday. We just did our annual cookie baking day. Christmas itself is just two days away and she just loves it! She loves decorating for it, she loves cooking for it, she loves being with her family and watching the Amazon packages show up at her doorstep all month long. It knocks the wind out of me when I’m reminded of her absesnce in this season.

A friend a few weeks ago reminded me in the midst of this waiting and championing that in the grand scheme of eternity this will be a blip. Don’t get me wrong, I want her to be totally healed and now! But what I also want is forever. I want forever with her healed, for all of eternity, healing in every way forever and ever. It somehow took the edge off.

As a person who can get pretty anxious, I can honestly say I’ve never longed for heaven. It was absolutely foreign for me to hear people say that. Until his year. I’ve silently prayed so many times, “Lord, come soon”.

So in this time of waiting for Kate to heal, and in this season of waiting as I think of Mary and really the world as they waited for their king. I can rejoice in progress, beg for more and still honestly say, “Lord, come soon!”.

**Katie’s mind works fine, she knows what she’s missing. Will you pray for her this Christmas? For incredible comfort for her. Would you pray for her husband and kids as they push forward in celebrating even when it’s hard?**


Here’s kate holding her “holding cross”. It was a great comfort to Katherine Wolf during her recovery and my mom wanted Kate to have one, too. Want one for yourself? Buy it from Hope Heals!

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