Living Room: Update

Again, I forgot to take before pictures. Please notice the same color that is in every room of our house found in the listing.

I never panic order. I’m calculated, prepared. D is the opposite, it constantly blows my mind. I swear he’s the only person in America who doesn’t know what they want when they walk in Starbucks. So I was looking at the accent wall color we had chosen while we were in the parking lot at Lowes and I sent Dan in to buy it while I waited in the car with the kids as it rained. I called him within 30 seconds saying I needed options. It was just too dark. So he brought me 20 charcoal paint colors out (like a total stud) and we chose one in the car. Like crazy people who don’t know how the paint will look in the actual room. Crazy. We clearly live life on the edge.

Even crazier. He comes outside with paint and tells me he chose a different color. What? Excuse me, what?
He tells me they couldn’t get our Sherwin Williams paint color because they were out of the base  but he put the chip next to the Valspar options and chose the closest one. What? Anyway, we took it home and I put it on the wall and loved it! It’s Valspar’s Ocean Storm The other three walls were straight drama too , Modern Gray by Sherwin Williams. I don’t know if Lowes just can’t make this color well even though it’s a Sherwin color and they sell Sherwin? Either way it looks white. No other way to put it. White.

At the end of the day we love the room. Check it!

I got the end tables from a Facebook swap group and primed/painted/distressed them. Pretty cute, huh?
 Because it’s cruel to leave Jay for a moment!
I’ve been living at Target lately. This console was half off when I got it! D got me these sweet lamps I’ve been eyeing for MONTHS! I found them on sale so “Happy Birthday” to me! I picked up the pillows on a whim.

Finally. This rug. I went back and forth with it but I ended up LOVING it.What do you think?? Do you like the room?

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