None of the Above

From one decade to the next

It is the eve of Dee’s thirtieth birthday. For the first time, I’m along for the ride as he moves into the next decade. (I still have a whole 16 months until I get on my own thirtieth birthday sinking ship).

In the weirdest way I feel like I’ve grown up with him. I started chasing him right before I turned 21 and we were married when I was 22. I was so certain that I was old enough, mature enough, had my stuff together enough but the truth is I didn’t have a clue. I had some loved ones less than thrilled that I was choosing to get married so young and it is nothing but Gods grace that I not only still choose to love him but (most days) I really like him. For reasons I cannot even comprehend he still likes me back and THAT, ladies and gentleman, is all I could ever hope for.

The truth is, when you get married when you are still so young the hardest, most important thing is to change and grow together and not apart. Twenties are defining in a thousand ways and when you jump in with both feet, buy a house, have a few kids, and still want to go on a date eight years later I really think it’s nothing short of miraculous.

If you hate gushy just stop reading here. Below are 20(I realize this should be 30 but I have two kids–there just isn’t time!) of my favorite things about the man i’d choose to marry again (in no particular order):

1-He has the craziest work ethic. He works SO hard and he does things well both at work and at home.

2-He is a stud. I wish he were less of a stud while I’m still losing the last ten lbs of baby weight.

3-He is willing to fight with me. Lord knows I don’t make it easy but he knows it’s worth it. He won’t settle for good in our marriage

4-He makes being a dad look easy. Except for the time he forgot Jay downstairs at church (kidding…kind of) he is so attentive especially to throwing Elle in the air to the point of exhaustion.

5-He lets me win. Even when I shouldn’t.

6-When I was going through breastfeeding HELL ON EARTH with both of my kids he was up with me every minute through my screaming and crying pain. The man is on my team. Praise God for formula or my kids would not be with us.

7-He will be mortified by this blog post. Sorry, babe!

8-His friendships are a priority. Even when I selfishly hate his about him, I really DO love it.

9-He has an enormous amount of character and integrity. He will not utter a rude word about someone.

10-He lives and breathes community. He is made for making people feel welcome in a room full of strangers. I’m so bad at this.

11-He is willing to teach me things even when I don’t want to learn from him.

12- Hes desperate to go on a trip with me even though I’m not ready to leave the babies. I somehow married someone who is dying to take me away on an awesome trip and I’m turning him down (FOR THE MOMENT!)

13-I fell in love with him watching him lead worship at Horizon church and this is still something that brings me joy. It is certainly a time sacrifice for our family but has been such an expression of Gods faithfulness to him, it’s unreal.

14-He fights for me. Period.

15- He is the worst storyteller ever. It’s so funny.

16-He is committed to family. Monday night family dinners, holidays, serving, all of it.

17-He is learning to be affirming.

18-He works so I can be home with the kids full time. We did this before we could technically afford it and it has meant tons of sacrifices along the way but he is committed to it in the same way I am.

19-He forgives quicker than anyone I’ve ever met. He is so quick to apologize and (even more frequently) forgive me when I’m being difficult.

20-Out of the mobs of girls trying to snatch him up all at once, he somehow noticed the quiet girl in the corner of the room and chose me! Thank God!

Happy 30th birthday to my love! I’m so happy for every year I get to grow older with you. I hope we get 100 more!

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