Renovation, Rental

Hello world!

Well I already typed this page out once and I somehow lost it. I’m not off to a great start. Now, both of my babies are awake and so it will not be anywhere near as fun or clever.

The gist was, I’m typing this before I can even push “publish “. We haven’t told our neighbors that we are moving yet. I loathe goodbyes!* If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go here for our story.  We have the best neighbors. This was number one on our con list of the move/rental/renovation. We don’t want to leave our neighbors. Granted we are just moving about a mile down the road but it won’t be the same. Elle plays outside with her little buddies every evening before dinner and it’s the best. She’s having that picture of childhood that I experienced as a child and always wanted for my kids…playing with neighborhood friends.  So we have to tell them first.

At this point in the game we are under contract with the renovation house and starting to prepare for our rental inspection on the rental. To keep this somewhat organized, I have a page for the rental to do list and one for the renovation. Ill link each corresponding blog post to that page so it all makes sense. Lord help me with the links!

Ok-I’m excited to get started!

* I was reading something by Jen Hatmaker the other day and I cannot for the life of me find it. Basically she was explaining that a symptom of introversion is hating goodbyes. I’m pretty much a textbook introvert but I had no idea this was a symptom and it’s totally me!   Whether it’s saying goodbye to neighbors or saying goodbye as I’m leaving something fun like family dinner or a party… I hate it!  Even weirder is Elle is starting to be the same way. I haven’t seen much else in her when it comes to introversion so her hating goodbyes could be more tied to leaving something fun. I’ll try to find a link.

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