Judah Yelled “mama!” At 3am and the News Said Trump Won

I just feel like I have to say if you are not a middle/upper class white man I am still so for you. I am so sorry if you feel unloved, unsupported, if you feel terrified for your future I am just so sorry. I’m flabbergasted and I’m praying. 

You will probably see a lot of posts today about how God puts people in political office. I don’t agree. I think our broken world does since we are the ones that vote. I don’t think He put Hitler in power and I don’t think He put Trump in power (nor would He have put Hillary in).

I can still pray. I’m praying that the next four years “the reverse occurs” and the marginalized become lifted up and protected. In the mean time I’ll be teaching my kids how to love their neighbors and treat people well. And looking into building a bomb shelter. 

If you are gay or black or Latino, If you’re a Muslim or you’re on welfare or if you’ve had an abortion or frankly if you’re a woman at all, the gospel still rings true. You may feel like you don’t have a seat at the table in America. The gospel says you have a seat and you matter. Don’t believe any less.
Here’s a picture of Judah’s pajamas this morning. Everyone needs a smile!


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